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© 2013 by Northern Arawak Tribal Nation. All images, texts and graphics are the sole property of Northern Arawak Tribal Nation. Please ask for permission before using any of the materials on our pages. Webmaster AmaHura



Welcome to our virtual Yucayeke where you can find out more about the Arawak Taino people, gatherings, Taino history community programs and more. American history begins with Arawak Taino history.


Established in 1996 as the MaOconuco Band of Arawaks the Northern Arawak Taino Nation is a family oriented Arawak (Taino) Carribean Native American online community with members from the islands and throughout the United States. The Arawak Taino vision is to awaken, preserve and teach our living Arawak (Taino) Native American culture with the right to self-determination as descendants of the Tribe of First Contact-The Arawak Taino.


If you are interested in learning about your indigenous Arawak (Taino) heritage and becoming a part of a growing and vibrant community check out the links to the various Taino organizations and contact them for more information.


Seneco Kakona! (Many blessings)



Preserving and living our indigenous culture is a legacy that our ancestors lived and died for. We are a diverse tribal nation respectful of each individuals journey regardless of religion, physical looks or political affiliation. Being Taino "Good & Noble" is something we can all be as human beings. Click below to find out more about joining us on this journey.


Arawak Taino descendants are actively working on community projects throughout the country, actively protesting the destruction of the earth and sacred sites while encouraging the building of communities within other states to help promote and preserve the Arawak Taino heritage.

Arawak History

If you have ever paddled a canoe, slept in a hammock, ate at a barbecue, smoked tobacco or tracked a hurricane, you have paid tribute to the Arawak, the Iindigenous people who invented those words long before they welcomed Christopher Columbus to the New World in 1492. 

Get Involved

Norther Arawak Nation is very involved with the "Taino" community as well as the communities that we live among. Various Yucayekes have put together street clean up projects, cultural outreaches distributing food in our neighborhoods, prison programs, and education programs. Click below to find out how you can get involved.

Borinqueneers Project

Protesting The Pipelines Going Through Sacred Ground

State Recognition

The Jaguar Warrior Society is honored to have been a part in helping to help recognize the warriors of the 65th Infantry Regiment knowns as the Borinqueneers.

Through petitions, grass roots efforts and love for our warriors history has been made! The 65th has receieved the Congressional Gold Medal. Hahom for helping in the collective nationwide effort get our Boricua warriors the recognitition they deserve. 

June 23rd - Pennsylvania State Resolution House Assembly #499. Officialy recognizing the contributions of the Northern Arawak Tribe & other American Indian communities by acknowledging their cultural legacy in the state of PA.


Christopher Colombus was NOT a hero,and did NOT discover America and should NOT be credited or appraised for doing such,furthermore had Colombus done some of the things now that he had done then,he would have gotten the death penalty by todays laws. Therefore we would like everyone who feels the same way to call in (Or write if you feel so inclined) to The Lancaster County Courthouse in Pennsylvania to let them know that we would like the statue of Colombus to be taken down from the alleywalk behind the courthouse,and NOT to be re erected anywhere in Lancaster County PA.

Kacike Naboria AmaHura With Veterans at Standing Rock, ND​