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Our Yucayeke's Leadership

The socio-political structure of a Arawak Yucayeke consists of a Kacike(Chief) who is chosen by the people and the council of elders which is made up of the women matriarchs of our people. A Kacike can be either a man or a woman but never is this a self appointed position. There is ceremony as well as a gathering of the people when a new leader is announced so that everyone in the yucayeke can be a part of celebration as well as solidifying the new leaders postition among the people. When transition of new leadership takes place an update will be posted.

* last update 2014


Principal Chief "Ma'Iuaonbo"

Chief Big White Wolf(Carlos Rivera) serves as Principal Chief of the Northern Arawak Tribal Nation. He was born in the Bronx, NY with Arawak ancestry from Caguax and Ponce, Boriken. He has been active in the Arawak "Taino" movement since 1992 and founded Ma'Oconuco Band of the Arawak Nation on June 3rd, 2009. He also serves as VP of AIM Lancaster, Pa.

Clan Mother "AnaHuya"

AnaHuya "Rain Flower" (Nery Rivera) is the Head Clan Mother of the Northern Arawak Tribal Nation and the co-founder of Ma'Oconuco Band. AnaHuya is also a member of the AIM PA Chapter. She has been involved in the Arawak "Taino" movement since 1990. AnaHuya is active in the indigenous cultural education events and school programs.

Peace-Chief - "AmaHura"

Kacike AmaHura - Joseph RiverWind served as War-Chief of the Northern Arawak Tribal Nation and is Peace Chief of the Ma'Oconuco Band. He was born in Rio Piedras, Boriken. His long standing family tradition of military service led him to the US Army serving with an Honorable Discharge and to relighting the fire of the Jaguar Warrior Society. He is also a national NAMA (Native American Music Award) winning musician and author.

Tribal Council "HuraAna"

HuraAna "Wind Flower" Natasha Garcia has served on the tribal council for the past two years. She is an active member of the Leonard Peltier Defense Commitee. She is active in promoting awareness of indigenous issue concerning many tribes. 

Ambassador (Tekina)-
Dr. Laralyn RiverWind

Laralyn is the Tribal Spokesperson: She is a Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist. and NAMA winning musician. She has overseas experience with intertribal government relations between indigenous nations and the US Govt. She spent several years learning diplomacy with the King and Queen of the Marshal Islands located in the Pacific Ocean. 


Guakia Arawaka Yahabo! - Our Arawak people are still here!