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© 2013 by Northern Arawak Tribal Nation. All images, texts and graphics are the sole property of Northern Arawak Tribal Nation. Please ask for permission before using any of the materials on our pages. Webmaster AmaHura

Northern Arawak Tribal Nation Projects: 

We are a dynamic family with an ancient heritage. As Taino people we strive to live up to the name Taino which means Good or Noble People. We instill this in our children and walk it out in our daily lives. As a result we have one of the most active Yucayekes in the Taino diaspora. We believe in giving back to our communities and to one another through service projects and to our fellow Taino brothers and sister we reach out to you so that you may awaken the Taino in you which has been kept silent for so long. Guakia Taino Yahabo -Our Taino People Are Still Here!

Pipeline & Chief's Hill Protest - SUCCESS!

Chief Carlos "White Wolf" Rivera succesfully rallied the community to stop the pipeline from going through a Native American Chief's Burial. The victory has gone to the people. Our sacred sites will be protected. Click on the link below to watch the newscast of Principal Chief Carlos "Ma'Iuaonbo" Rivera calling the community to action at the community forum and the end results.

Native Americans/Mennonites and Supporters Come Together in Protest


Chief Carlos and other supporters get arrested for protesting - Jan 6th


Northern Arawak Tribal Nation Pipeline Protest Newscast 


Project 1. Community Building

Community isnt just about our indigenous family and tribe. Community also extends to those who share our neighborhoods and walk the same streets. It includes every generation who is a part of our diverse community.


The Northern Arawak Nations organizes regular street.,enviromental clean up projects and communinty awareness programs to better educated the public about enviromental, cultural and pertinent issues that effect humanity. 


Project 2. Haguar Warrior Society Supports the 65th Infantry Regiment's Bill for Recognition

The Haguar Warrior Society is proud to be an official partner with the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance. We fully support the official recognition of the 65th Infantry Regiment with a Congressional Gold Medal for their outstanding service and heroism in battle during the Korean war. The Borinqueneers were the only segregrated unit from the island of Puerto Rico who led the largest battlion sized bayonet charge in US Army history when they ran out of ammunition fighting against the Chinese Liberation Army and the Korean Army. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The Congressional Gold Medal has been awarded.

Project 3. Taino Education

Tribal members of our yucayeke are available for educational programs about Arawak Native American culture and history. Music, dance, food, storytelling, songs, history, and Taino language are just a few of the things that we can provide for your school or organization. 


Our presentations will help our audience to not only learn about the "Taino" Indian culture but to experience it first hand. Please contact Cacike "Ma'Iuaonbo Rivera for further details.